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23 Aug

Get more productive with a systemised business

make things happen!

As a business owner you want your business to be productive; and that productivity stems from your operational processes being as efficient as possible.

Many businesses are let down by their current operational systems, with poor documentation of tasks, outdated software and processes that have grown organically over time without any overriding thought for how they work as a wider system.

To get the most from your business, you need to systemise!

How to systemise your business

The starting point for any process efficiency drive is to carry out a process audit.

Work through every operational, logistical and financial process in the business – with the aim of explaining exactly how the company works.

To make this review work effectively for you:

  • List the key processes in the business – creating a complete operational overview
  • Document each task in every key process – and systematically explain how it works
  • Assign roles and responsibilities – so it’s clear who does what, and when
  • Collate everything into an operational document – providing a system to work from
  • Use tech to enhance your system – by replicating your processes in software


Working closely with your bookkeeper or accountant is a critical part of this process, helping you to audit your business model, highlight potential efficiencies and advise on the best software tools for the job.

If you’re looking to improve the overall productivity of your business, we’ll review, enhance and digitise your processes and systems to help you drive that goal.

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