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16 May

Move to the Cloud and Create a Paperless Business!

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of paper that passes through your desk each day/week/month? Trust us, you’re not alone! Between receipts, invoices, contracts, documents and everything in between, it’s easy to get bogged down in what seems like a never ending pile of paperwork. Not only does this mess of paper take up copious amounts of time that could be better spent in other areas of your business, but it also makes it much easier to lose essential documents or miss something important. Lucky for you, taking your business paperless has never been an easier or more viable option, thanks to a number of amazing cloud-based storage apps and software.

Keep reading to find out the numerous benefits of a paperless business and how you can efficiently make the conversion yourself!


Why Should I Go Paperless?

There are a number of benefits to taking your business paperless, including:

Improved Productivity- It can be a difficult and time consuming to locate the specific piece of paper you’re looking for, particularly if you have a large number of files. In comparison, digital documents are much easy to store, manage, search and process. With the help of powerful search functions, you can bring up the document you need in a matter of moments, meaning you (and your staff) have more time to spend working on more important areas of the business.

Streamline & Automate - The key to any successful business is being able to streamline your processes and automate certain aspects of your workflow. With the help of cloud-based online software, you can quickly and efficiently complete tasks such as invoicing, receipt filing, account reconciliations, etc. Using online software will also afford you a real-time feed of information relating to your financials, allowing you the insights that you need to make more informed and productive business decisions.

Focus - A clean space is reflective of a clear mind. Having piles of messy papers all over your desk is not only an unappealing sight, but it can also distract you and inhibit your ability to focus on more important work tasks.

Safety - Backing up your important documents to the cloud is a much more efficient safety measure than storing hard copies of documents. With the correct processes in place, you can ensure that no matter what happens, your essential files remain safe and accessible.

Less Storage Space - As a small business, many of us work from home, in shared spaces or in small offices, so the more space we can save the better! Digital storage takes up a lot less space than large, bulky filing cabinets do.

Waste - Often with hard copy filing systems, documents are duplicated and stored in multiple locations, depending on what purpose they serve. Going paperless helps eliminate the need for this whilst also reducing your paper wastage and having a positive impact on the environment. You’ll also save a bunch on printing expenses each year!

How Can I Go Paperless In My Business?

While the initial set-up may require a bit of time and effort to scan all of your existing paperwork and convert them to digital documents, once completed, you’ll find yourself saving a lot of much needed time!

One of our favourite cloud-based apps to assist in the paperless journey is Receipt Bank. Using Receipt Bank you can quickly and easily submit your invoices and receipts for storage. There are a number of ways to send in your files, including via the app, email and Dropbox, amongst others, so you can choose which option best suits you. Receipt Bank integrates with all leading accounting software packages so you only have to worry about uploading each document once!

And for those who are looking to eliminate ll time spent on these tasks, you can even share your unique Receipt Bank email address with your suppliers and their invoices will automatically be uploaded into your accounting software!

Need help getting Receipt Bank set up for your business? Contact us today to see how we can assist!

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